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شرکت ایرانیان فن

In 1344, the company began its activities in collaboration with Solyvent Ventec France and finally in the year 1352 by the late engineer Mustafa Suleimanzadeh (the founder of the industry in Iran), the first national production fan called IranFan Co. was produced, now with half Century Iran Fan Industries Co. has been using the technology of the past and present day, is one of the most successful manufacturers of this industry in Iran. The whole of this complex is followed by continuous efforts and relying on expensive and expensive customers. Our jurists are trying to increase the quality of production in the size of world standards and increase satisfaction Has Therian.

The Iranian fan collection is made up of the finest kind of raw materials, and final quality control is tested with the latest equipment calibrated by validated laboratories, which include:

Aeration, Static and Dynamic Pressure, Speed, Sound, Ampere, Color Thickness, Bearing Temperature, Round, Vibration, Static Balance and Dynamic ASME, BSI, ASHREA, AMCA, ANSI, DIN Standards and Test Certificates It turns out.

All products of this company have 12 months warranty and 15 years after sales service.